X-TAON - 'Scratch UP' - a Journey through Art & Time

Sebastian pietsch front 3quarter

Front 3 Quarter

Sebastian pietsch rear 3quarter

Rear 3 Quarter

Sebastian pietsch side


Sebastian pietsch back

Top Rear

Sebastian pietsch duerer hundertwasser

Dürer & Hundertwasser

Sebastian pietsch rembrandt warhol

Rembrandt & Warhol

Sebastian pietsch dali gogh

Van Gogh & Dalí

My final submission for the #XTAONartcontest. It was really fun working on this project.
Thanks to Allegorithmic and all the other sponsors for creating this contest!

'Scratch UP' - a Journey through Art & Time accumulates popular artworks from various famous artist and packs them together for everyone to explore at their own pace.
Hidden under a layer of standard black coating lies a colorful world composed of some of the greatest minds, which sometimes get forgotten.